My Feedback on Nokia Asha 205


My New Nokia Handset 😀

Meet my new phone: the Nokia Asha 205. This unit may not be as high-end as the latest cellphone models in the market today. But, I am quite happy with the features it is currently offering me. Let me list down some of my feedback about this new Nokia phone.


Nokia Asha 205 in Baby Pink (Image’s color is much closer to that of the actual unit)

The Good:

  • Asha 205 comes in trendy and hip colors: orange, gray, blue and pink. ( as you can see, my handset is in lovely pink color)
  • The unit can support dual SIM functions. So, users can connect with their contacts using two different SIM cards.
  • Its VGA camera can shoot “decent-enough” pictures
  • It also has pre-installed Facebook and Twitter applications that makes users access the aforementioned social networking sites conveniently.

The Side Portion of the Lovely 205 Model

The Bad:

  • The handset cannot detect hot spots as it has no WiFi facility.
  • It is no android phone too. So, applications are very limited.
  • Many especially those who are used to the basic keypads may find adapting to its QWERTY keyboard challenging.

The Rear Part


The Nokia Asha 205 is suitable for people (that includes me) who are looking for stylish handsets that can perform the basic cellphone functions such as calls and texts. 205 is more than the typical basic handset because it can also function with dual SIM cards simultaneously. Aside from this, its pre-installed Facebook and Twitter apps helps its owners stay updated with the latest happenings at all times.

Thumbs up to this wonderful handset. 😎




Your thoughts? Please comment them below.

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