How to Recover Corrupted Files in USB

Lost your files because of corrupted flash drives? Don’t fret. Today, I am going to show you how to retrieve those precious documents in just a jiffy.

1. First, you need to download a USB Show program. Upon opening your downloaded file, a setup wizard will appear. You just have to click on the appropriate buttons until a zipped folder show on your screen. Open the USB show.exe file then click run.


The contents of the Zipped File

2. After executing the .exe file, the USB show program screen will pop up in the screen. The instructions on the display is initially in Spanish. To translate it into English, you just have to click the appropriate button.


USB Show Start up Screen

3. Click on the Recovery the hide files button and then indicate the location of the files you need to recover. In just a minute, you will see that your files are already restored in your flash drive device.


The Loading Process

Easy right? Actually, I learned this method from my college professor a long time ago. I just got the chance to use it lately as my files in my flash drive were lost due to a virus.

Hope this helps you too. 😀




Your thoughts? Please comment them below.

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