My First Election Experience

Today marks a significant day to all Filipinos. Why, it’s election day once again and it’s  time to choose leaders who will bring the nation to prosperity. Shocks, am I sounding so austere? My apologies for that. Anyways, let’ proceed to the real deal: My First Philippine Election Experience.

Photo courtesy of the teacher in precinct 1371A. Thanks so much ma'am!

My vote counts! 🙂

The first thing I did before going to the nearest elementary school is find my precinct number from the the database of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). I was advised to do so by my parents to avoid hassle. Upon arriving at Santolan Elementary School, the challenge now is to locate where in the said institution my precinct is.


The school where I voted

There were precinct location guides posted inside the school premises. However, that was not so helpful. *grins* So, I have to roam around and ask questions where my room is. Fortunately, a guy pointed me to BLDG. III.


The Ever Elusive BLDG. III 😀

I went to third floor of the said building and VOILA! This scenario startled me.


No long ques eh?

The voting process went smoothly. My, it’s very simple. You just have to shade the circles and that’s it. I secretly hoped that our exams at school will be as easy as shading those ballots. *grins* But, I know that’s only some wishful thinking. 😀

It's says secret. So, I won't disclose the candidates I voted for. :D

It’s says secret. So, I won’t disclose the candidates I voted for. 😀

It’s more than a year now since my registration at COMELEC. As a first time voter, I am so excited to exercise my rights. However, there’s also a part of me who wants to abstain from the elections. Why? That’s because I will only do this solo as my parents are registered at our previous place. On top of this, I’ve been hearing lots of complain about long ques, defective machines, and so on. It’s a good thing I rebuffed these thoughts though and did my job as a Filipino. I am just praying and hoping that the elected candidates will truly serve the public with the best of their abilities.

God bless the Philippines.




2 thoughts on “My First Election Experience

    • Cellphones are allowed. However, voters are prohibited from taking photos of their official ballots. I’ve watched it from COMELEC’s infomercial in Youtube. 😀

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