10 Must-Watch Romantic Asian Movies

I am such a sucker for Asian romantic films so when boredom hits me, I usually grab my laptop and watch some feel-good movies. Here are my top 10 personal picks so far:

NOTE: This is arranged in no particular order

1. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (Korean)


It was 2005 when I first watched “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant”. That time I instantly fell in love with this movie. My, the chemistry between the two lead characters is ¬†simply undeniable. ūüėÄ 8 years later, I viewed this film one more time. To my surprise, I felt like I was watching the whole thing for the first time. I was never bored all throughout even though I’ve seen the scenes before. In fact, I still get excited about them and laugh out loud with the movie’s punchlines as if I’m watching it for the first time.

TRIVIA: If you are familiar with Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden,  she is the lead female character here.

2. Hello Stranger (Thai)


This movie is also good. This one’s filled with hilarious and romantic scenes ¬†that will keep you entertained till the end. If you are a Asian Dramas fan girl like me, you’ll enjoy this. I was even encouraged to travel ¬†alone to Korea someday after seeing this movie. Who knows? I might find my destiny there too just like the female lead. *wishful thinking*

3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai)


This is such a feel-good high schooler ¬†movie. At first, I am quite hesitant to watch it because of Nam’s appearance. (Well, she looks like a real loser at first. hehe. ) But as I go through the film, I realized that the movie is quite good. Plus, I didn’t expect the latter part of the film.

4. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (Thai)


My friend recommended this film to me and I am thankful that she did because Bangkok Traffic Love Story is simply amazing. It presents a different plot with interesting scenes. Actually, until now, I am still wondering whether this kind of love story can actually exist or not in real life.

5.  ATM Error (Thai)


ATM Error is more of a comedy rather than a romantic film. If you want to laugh out loud then you must not miss this. *winks*

6. My Boyfriend is Type B (Korean)


This one’s for the hopeless romantic types. It reminds the HRs out there (well, I am not an exception to this) that we should not always live up to our “ideals” because if we do, we might just get disappointed in the end. Instead, we should learn to accept the flaws of our other halves to sustain our relationships with them.

TRIVIA: The two main characters here became real-life couples  for three years. They are also the protagonists in the Kdrama, Sweet 18.

7. Chilling Romance (Korean)


Chilling Romance is something unusual. It presents romance amidst a horror story. I was actually quite terrified in the beginning. *winks* You just have to ignore the horror scenes and you’ll definitely have a good time watching this one.

8. My Little Bride (Korean)


Another feel-good movie, My Little Bride depicts the story of an arranged marriage between childhood friends. How the lead characters eventually realized their feelings is something to look forward here.

9. He was Cool (Korean)


I actually watched this because of curiosity. (I heard that the female protagonist who was also the female lead in Attic Cat here killed herself in 2007) Good thing, I followed my curiosity because I really had fun watching this.

10. A Very Special Love 3 Part Installment Series (Filipino)


I love John Lloyd Cruz’s movies but I am not being biased when I say that these three part installment movies are absolutely good! I wish there are English-subbed versions of these movies so that it will also be appreciated by our foreign friends.

How about you? Do you have another set of must-watch Asian romantic movies list? Care to share it to me on the comments section? I’d appreciate it if you also recommend me Taiwanese or Japanese movies.




“We have arrived!” – Tiger Airways

The Philippines is blessed with 7107+ amazing islands. That’s why it is no wonder many tourists both of local and foreign origins instantly fell in love with this country. The challenging part, however, in traveling around the Philippine Archipelago is its geographical conditions. The islands are separated from each other so visitors are advised to book flights in the reputable airline companies in the country. For a long time,¬†Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air are the¬†three commercial airline companies that dominated the domestic flights industry with its affordable rates. I think this will be quite different this time as the competition gets tougher with Tiger Airways coming into the picture.


An Image of the Article Inside Tiger mag aboard

Alright, Tiger Airways is not really new in¬†the country. It is actually the former South East Asia Airlines or SEAir. Unlike SEAir,¬†planes from Tiger Airways are lot bigger. (Probably¬†because of its international¬†wagon.)¬†I’m also not so sure if they still have the small ones that are used in airports of¬†some remote areas in the Philippines.

About two weeks ago, I experienced Tiger Airways plane in our flight going to Tacloban. Like the major commercial airplanes, Tiger is also offering affordable rates to their customers. In fact, we decided to go for them at that time because it provides the cheapest deal compared with other airline companies.

The experience was just fine. The crews are helpful plus the pilots are all professional. It was a bit cloudy back then but we just suffered a very minor turbulence. Overall, I can say that when it comes to commercial domestic flights, Tiger Airways can also be the option of tourists who are planning on a budget trip around the Philippine archipelago.