Writing for Essays.ph

If you are a writer-by heart who wants to earn and learn at the same time, join essays.ph (EPH) now and you’ll see, you’d be able to hit two birds with only one stone. Still not convinced? Let me mention the perks that I actually experienced here during my one year stay.

Earn at the Comfort of Your Home.

A set that contains 2500 words normally pays 300 PHP. I know some of you (especially the pros) would say that this is a bit lower compared to what others offer. I think the otherwise. I feel that this is just an incentive. Anyway, we are being paid while doing what we want the way we like it. Also, the 300 PHP rate is subject to increase if you have provided an exemplary performance later on.

I also want to add that writers at Essay.ph receive their compensations through internet banking. Mind you, they pay on time and hassle-free.

Write about Tons of Topics

My first assignment was all about hearing aids. I swear, it took me forever to finish that set. I even had a revision notice afterwards. Despite this, I learned so much about hearing aids. From that moment, I decided to widen my knowledge on all things by claiming sets with topics that I am not really familiar with. Roofing felts, Sliding doors, golf clubs, Pickup Artists are some of the topics that I’m barely familiar with but made me feel like I’m a genius for knowing more about them afterwards.

Push Your Self Harder

Honestly, the reason why I failed on my first assignment is because I clicked on the “Quick Start” Button. Clicking on this thing meant that you are letting the system choose random assignments for you. If you finish them on time, you’ll earn a GC or grace credit. GCs allow you to extend your time limit by additional 24 hours. But, for those who love challenges and taking risks, quick start will give you what you wanted.

Aside from quick start, writers from EPH are able to develop their writing skills through the grades and remarks given by the editors upon submitting a set. I think most of EPH writers would also agree that we always give our sets our best shots just to avoid the deadly revision request. After all, no one wants to feel rejected.

Gain New Friends

In EPH, we don’t just write. We also have fun. What I like about EPH is that it sets events and contests that allow its writers to show their exceptional talents (writing skills aside). The scavenger hunt held last December is one of the most-unforgettable events for me. Actually, I had to go to SM Megamall Cinema 10 and hold a placard which says that “The World Ends in December 31, 2012 11:59 PM” for this. Thank god, my girl pals are very supportive of me. 😀

I am writing all of this based on my personal experience and as a way of thanking the EPH community for the person or rather the writer I’ve become. As of the moment, I am already one year and four months with the company. So far, I am enjoying my whole ride. Want to experience the same perks? Go to  http://www.essays.ph for more details.




Your thoughts? Please comment them below.

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