Quick Movie Review: She’s the One (Bea Alonzo & Dingdong Dantes)

After waiting for several days, I’ve finally got the chance to watch She’s the one. For the information of everybody, She’s the One is one of the latest chic flicks in the movie scene in the Philippines right now. This Star Cinema produced movie was portrayed to life by Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil. On this post, I will going to give you my insights about the film to guide all the moviegoers out there who are torn whether they will watch this one or not.

She's the One Poster photo credit: wikipedia

She’s the One Poster
photo credit: wikipedia


She’s the One’s story line is great. I think many will be able to relate with the “bestfriends-turned-lovers” relationship of Cath (Bea Alonzo) & Joaquin (Dingdong Dantes) here. Aside from this, “May-December love affair” is also another interesting subject that was addressed in the movie.


The chemistry between Bea and DingDong is  undeniable. Plus, their acting looks so natural that I felt like I was watching a real-life scenario with my own eyes. I would  also like to acknowledge Enrique’s acting here. He has played his role as Cath’s young lover so well that my mom and I couldn’t help but laugh with his “juvenile” courtship strategies. 😀


I’m giving She’s the One an eight out of ten because I didn’t feel so much emotion while watching it (I laughed several times though throughout the film). Maybe, it’s because I haven’t experienced the same thing as the characters did. I really don’t know. But, overall, the movie is great. If you want to watch some feel-god movie amidst your stressful life, then I am recommending you to watch this with your family and friends.




My AirAsia Zest Wish List: My Top 5 Destinations I Want to Go YOLO-ing

YOLO stands for “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”My friends and I usually use this term in our conversations to refer to leisure activities that we cannot miss in our lifetime. So, if you have read my blog post title right, you will expect to see my TOP 5 Destination Picks that I don’t want to miss in my entire lifetime on this post:


Gyeongbokgung Palace and Teddy Bear Museum phto credits: visitkorea.or.kr

Gyeongbokgung Palace and Teddy Bear Museum
photo credits: visitkorea.or.kr

K-Dramas, K-Pop, K-Fashion, K-food—wait, did I mention something “K”? Oh yes, I’m in love with the Korean Culture. The reason why I want to visit Korea is not just because I am interested in their culture. I badly wanted to go there because I want to experience what my favorite K-drama stars went through when shooting their dramas. On that note, I am thinking of these itineraries if I am given a chance to visit “The Land of Morning Calm”:

  1.  I’ll trace the steps of my favorite Korean stars on the sloppy roads of Seoul.
  2. I’ll drink soju in the stalls just like on the dramas.
  3. I’ll go skiing and make a huge snowman just like in Winter Sonata.
  4. I’ll drop by the Teddy Bear Museum.(as featured in Goong) 
  5. I’ll even visit the Gangnam district if I had the opportunity and see if there’s a chaebol prospect for me there. *winks*

So many fun activities cross my mind with just the mere thought of going to South Korea someday. I’ll probably do another post about it next time. :”>


Petronas Tower & Legoland photo credits: www.asianpictures.org ; http://www.legoland.com.my

Petronas Tower & Legoland
photo credits: asianpictures.org ; legoland.com.my/

My fancy for Malaysia started when I’ve seen a Filipino movie entitled “Miss You Like Crazy”  (You see, my whole life is influenced by the movies I watched. *winks*) Anyways, I wanted to go to Malaysia simply because I want to witness it myself if Petronas Towers do really look like  a couple holding each others’ hands as mentioned on the said movie.

Aside from seeing the Petronas Towers with my own eyes, I am also planning to do the following in MY:

  1. I’ll go YOLO-ing in Genting
  2. I’ll return to my childhood in LEGOLAND
  3. I’ll eat at KL Tower


Boracay & Parasailing photo credits: Agoda.com ; my.opera.com

Boracay & Parasailing
photo credits: Agoda.com ; my.opera.com

It was 2004 when I first stepped on the pristine sands of Boracay. It’s already 2013 right now and I’ve heard that many things have changed on that amazing place since my last trip. So, yes, the main reason why I want to return to Bora is this: I  simply want to rediscover the island and the islets around it.

Anyways, if ever I’ll be back on the famous white sand beach, here are some of the things I will do:

  1. I’ll go helmet diving definitely. Oh, how I love the underwaters!
  2. I’ll conquer my fears and try parasailing.
  3. I’ll stay in Station One and see what’s in store for me there. (We stayed at Station Two previously)


Our Parasailing Experience! 🙂

Last May 2014, I had tried Parasailing with my parents and although we did not stay at Station One as I was hoping for, I did enjoy the serenity of the sea at Station Three. I’d also really love to go helmet driving. I just had second thoughts of trying it after reading some post about a nurse taken to the emergency room after doing the activity because of the strong water pressure.



Bohol’s Cable Car; Alona’s beach Panglao ; Chocolate Hills
photo credits (Alona Beach) : wikipedia

Ah Tagbilaran, the gateway to Bohol’s Panglao. I first had a glimpse of this city in 2005. We just recently went back here last summer to treat my grandmother (she died two months after our vacation. May her soul rest in peace). Anyways, I should say that I will never get tired of Bohol. Although some of its facilities have rapidly changed in just a span of 8 years, it’s still beautiful as ever. If II’ll go back there, here are the things I will definitely do:

  1. Swim in Panglao all-day.
  2. Eat at Bohol Bee Farm. (This is a very nice restaurant in Bohol. Great food. I loved their pesto and Bahalina wine)
  3. Zip-line back and forth. (It was my first time to try zip-line last summer so I just opted the one way zip-line and returned to the base using an open cable car.)


River Rafting & Divine Mercy Shrine photo credits: lakwatsero.com ; newsinfo.inquirer.net

River Rafting & Divine Mercy Shrine
photo credits: lakwatsero.com ; newsinfo.inquirer.net

I remember visiting this place with my mom and dad when we went to Camiguin in 2007 or 2008 since the latter do not have its own airport yet at that time. Two days after, we returned to this place and rode a cab to Lanao to see the Majestic Maria Christina Falls. On that same day, we came back to CDO and took a bus to Davao to see Pearl Farm. To cut the story short, we just utilized the town’s transportation facilities to go to our primary destinations. I didn’t have the chance to see what Cagayan De Oro can offer me back then so if I’ll be given another chance, I want to explore this place and go YOLO-ing there.

Here are my plans in Cagayan:

  1. I’ll go River Rafting of course even if I am too nervous for it! (Rio Grande in Enchanted Kingdom is too mainstream.  *winks*)
  2. I’ll visit the huge statue of Divine Mercy on the town
  3. I’ll discover why its is called “The City of Golden Friendship”

YOLO-ing on the top five places I have mentioned used to be close to impossible since airplane rides before were just for the rich and famous. But, lucky us, budget travelers, because airline companies such as Air Asia Zest is there to provide us cheap fares.

AirAsia of Malaysia? Yes! It’s official. Malaysia’s AirAsia and our very own Zest Air have teamed up to give all of us a chance to travel in the Philippines and explore its amazing tourist spots such as those located in Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro. Aside from that, they are also giving Filipinos the opportunity to travel in Asia with Air Asia Zest as the latter is also offering flights to Asia’s most popular cities such as such as Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon at very affordable prices.

 Wee! I’m so excited to go YOLO-ing On my top 5 destinations! For sure, with Air Asia in Manila plus its partnership with Zest Air, I will be able to save money from buying tickets and use my savings instead in my YOLO-ing activities.

 You Only Live Once.




Nail Talk: What can You Do About Keratin Granulations?

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and probably some men out there), do you feel an aching sensation on your toe nails per se (ingrown pains aside)? or Do you see white spots or patches on them? If you do, then you might be suffering a condition known as keratin granulation.

I am quite embarrassed to post a picture of my own toenails so I’ll just use an image from medscape.com to describe how Keratin Granulation looks like.  (My toenails looks somewhere in between this photo before I had it treated)

This is how Keratin Granulation looks like. Photo from medscape.com

This is how Keratin Granulation looks like. Photo from medscape.com

In layman terms, keratin granulation is the product of the dehydration of our nails. This condition is often caused by prolonged exposure to nail polish (I’m so guilty about this) and other substances that may deprive the necessary moisture on our nails.

As of now, my nails look healthy as ever after doing some home remedies in two days.

Here’s what I did to bring back the moisture it needed:

  • I removed the nail polish on my toenails and allowed the latter to rest and breathe freely from the nail polish’s chemicals. To be honest, I’m thinking of limiting my usage of nail polishes on a regular basis.
  • I washed my feet with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before going to bed and after taking a bath. You may also use an old toothbrush to scrub off the dirt on your nails.
  • After cleaning my feet, I applied a moisturizing agent on my toenails. For this step, I used Jergens Ultra-healing lotion since this product is what we utilize in our household.

Nails can be the slightest and most trivial part of our body but don’t take them for granted. A single toenail pain can keep you from doing activities you enjoy the most. Remember, our nails form a part of two of our important body parts, our hands and our feet. So, whatever happens to them, it will definitely affect your totality one way or another.


I’m not a dermatologist or a nail expert. I don’t claim to be such people so if you observe that the condition of your toenails didn’t had much improvement after doing the simple remedies I stated above, I suggest you consult a medical practitioner. I’ve heard of a fungal nail condition that has similar symptoms as nail granulation. But, that’s a different story of course.

Take care of your nails!





Why I’m Feeling Blessed on a Wednesday

I’m not the goody-goody type of person. If I am on a movie, I probably play the antagonist role (the type who will get into the nerves of the viewers because of her loathsome actions). *winks*  But, today is different. I feel like I’m a female lead in my own life story (you know, someone who receives all the good things in a film) .

This Wednesday, I have received more than enough blessings that I am so grateful for. I feel the need to share them with you to attract more good vibes for the days to come. These are arranged in no particular order.

1.  I survived two exams without studying so hard.

For students, I am not encouraging you to take exams without studying, okay? This is just for experts. *winks* Kidding aside, I’m just lucky enough yesterday and today that I’ve got by my quizzes in two courses by just barely studying.  I’m really thankful the questions were pretty based on common knowledge.

2. UST won against DLSU

Yes, we beat De Lasalle University today! And I’m very hopeful that we’ll win the UAAP Season 76. Go Uste! Go Teng ❤

3. I Passed the First Set of Examinations for my Second Degree Entrance Exam

This is the highlight of my day.  After my exams last Monday, I was so depressed because there were so many items on the test that I have failed to answer. (I just shaded the circles randomly) But, God is really good. Despite my misfortune that day, He still paves a way for my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) dream. One more exam to go and I’m officially in.

How about you? What are the things you are thankful for today? Care to share them on the comment box?

ciao. ❤