Nail Talk: What can You Do About Keratin Granulations?

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and probably some men out there), do you feel an aching sensation on your toe nails per se (ingrown pains aside)? or Do you see white spots or patches on them? If you do, then you might be suffering a condition known as keratin granulation.

I am quite embarrassed to post a picture of my own toenails so I’ll just use an image from to describe how Keratin Granulation looks like.  (My toenails looks somewhere in between this photo before I had it treated)

This is how Keratin Granulation looks like. Photo from

This is how Keratin Granulation looks like. Photo from

In layman terms, keratin granulation is the product of the dehydration of our nails. This condition is often caused by prolonged exposure to nail polish (I’m so guilty about this) and other substances that may deprive the necessary moisture on our nails.

As of now, my nails look healthy as ever after doing some home remedies in two days.

Here’s what I did to bring back the moisture it needed:

  • I removed the nail polish on my toenails and allowed the latter to rest and breathe freely from the nail polish’s chemicals. To be honest, I’m thinking of limiting my usage of nail polishes on a regular basis.
  • I washed my feet with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before going to bed and after taking a bath. You may also use an old toothbrush to scrub off the dirt on your nails.
  • After cleaning my feet, I applied a moisturizing agent on my toenails. For this step, I used Jergens Ultra-healing lotion since this product is what we utilize in our household.

Nails can be the slightest and most trivial part of our body but don’t take them for granted. A single toenail pain can keep you from doing activities you enjoy the most. Remember, our nails form a part of two of our important body parts, our hands and our feet. So, whatever happens to them, it will definitely affect your totality one way or another.


I’m not a dermatologist or a nail expert. I don’t claim to be such people so if you observe that the condition of your toenails didn’t had much improvement after doing the simple remedies I stated above, I suggest you consult a medical practitioner. I’ve heard of a fungal nail condition that has similar symptoms as nail granulation. But, that’s a different story of course.

Take care of your nails!





Your thoughts? Please comment them below.

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