Quick Movie Review: She’s the One (Bea Alonzo & Dingdong Dantes)

After waiting for several days, I’ve finally got the chance to watch She’s the one. For the information of everybody, She’s the One is one of the latest chic flicks in the movie scene in the Philippines right now. This Star Cinema produced movie was portrayed to life by Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil. On this post, I will going to give you my insights about the film to guide all the moviegoers out there who are torn whether they will watch this one or not.

She's the One Poster photo credit: wikipedia

She’s the One Poster
photo credit: wikipedia


She’s the One’s story line is great. I think many will be able to relate with the “bestfriends-turned-lovers” relationship of Cath (Bea Alonzo) & Joaquin (Dingdong Dantes) here. Aside from this, “May-December love affair” is also another interesting subject that was addressed in the movie.


The chemistry between Bea and DingDong is  undeniable. Plus, their acting looks so natural that I felt like I was watching a real-life scenario with my own eyes. I would  also like to acknowledge Enrique’s acting here. He has played his role as Cath’s young lover so well that my mom and I couldn’t help but laugh with his “juvenile” courtship strategies. 😀


I’m giving She’s the One an eight out of ten because I didn’t feel so much emotion while watching it (I laughed several times though throughout the film). Maybe, it’s because I haven’t experienced the same thing as the characters did. I really don’t know. But, overall, the movie is great. If you want to watch some feel-god movie amidst your stressful life, then I am recommending you to watch this with your family and friends.




5 thoughts on “Quick Movie Review: She’s the One (Bea Alonzo & Dingdong Dantes)

  1. My thoughts exactly. Enrique’s antics and “BOOM “HOT” “WOW” lines were really amusing. He was so cute na nakakatinding balahibo na nakakasuka in a good way, kase Ang cute Nya hahaha! It didn’t connect to me so much. I don’t know why but it doesn’t give me the happiness and sadness I get in Sarah-Lloydie or Bea-Lloydie or Sam-Bea movies. Yung scenes na may secret admiration si Bea and dingdong it has an effect pero during the scenes when I’m supposed to feel pain like the car scene, I didn’t get any. And the last scene in the rain na dapat kiligin Ako Hindi Ako kinilig. Hahaha parang mas bagay kay Dingdong na BFF secretly in love sila kase when he’s actually professing his love walang impact. But over-all Ang galing nila 🙂 I like ur review a lot.

  2. i really like the movie. it ended up with a very spectaculiar scene even if it is guessable yet awesome… all movies of bea were great. shes the one….

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