Volunteer Now for Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operations – Villamor Airbase

It’s over a week now since Visayas has been struck by typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda). Since then, many people who were not devastated by the typhoon are more than willing to help the survivors surpass this tragic event. As of now, three of the most popular and well-advertised organizations in the country include ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, GMA Kapuso and Alagang Kapatid foundations. Well, there’s no problem volunteering in these organizations. However, I think the space there is becoming more limited as many volunteer workers are rushing to these areas.

So, for those who wanted to help but cannot be accommodated in the said groups, you might want to consider doing some volunteer work at Villamor Airbase Gym in Pasay City.

On Going Relief Operations at Villamor Airbase.

On Going Relief Operations at Villamor Airbase.
(c) Daisy Banaag

How Can You Help?

You can help in many ways. For one, you can gather the goods into one plastic bag. Normally, a bag will include a combination of noodles, canned goods and rice. Aside from this, you can also help move the packed goodies to the trucks. On that note, the team needs now people who are knowledgeable in logistics and stuffs like that. There are still other ways which you can be useful in the relief operations there. Just attend the briefing to find out what will work for you.

A Dutch lady from Holland helps in relief operation

A Dutch lady from Holland helps in relief operation
(c) Ivy Santos

Finally, there’s no limit when it comes to reaching out to other people. If you are someone who can sleep comfortably at night and can eat three to five times a day, here is the chance for you to show how grateful you are. Even foreigners that are just here in our country for a vacation are there to help us out. So, what are you waiting for? Volunteer now and help Visayas rebuild what Typhoon Yolanda has ruined.


Don’t go to Villamor Airbase right away without informing them before hand. That way, you will know what schedule will suit you the best. Based on my observation, the team there now mostly need volunteers from 8 PM onwards since these are the times where there are less volunteers in the area.

Oh and by the way, I would also like to acknowledge the effort of our Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP) in the on-going relief operations. After seeing how they get involved in the whole relief-packing process, I came to realize that our AFP is not just there during times of war. We can count on them too even in our country’s trying times. Kudos to you sir and ma’am! Thank you so much.

Count your blessings.




Enchanted Kingdom Rides that Scaredy Cats Must Try in their Lifetime

Hello there! Marj here all the way from Samar! 😀 I’ve been meaning to do this blog post since last Saturday (October 26) but a lot of things happened after that day. So, I was not able to do it.  Thank God, I finally got the opportunity today to blog about my experience in Enchanted Kingdom (EK) with my highschool friends. So, here it is.

Enchanted Kingdom's Facade

All Grins before we enter Enchanted Kingdom
(c) Marionne Olaso; Yeoj Natividad

Okay, just a brief background. I’ve been to EK when I was in grade school (That was my first time there). I was with my parents then and although we had so much fun together, we were not able to enjoy many of the extreme rides in the park since our family is not really the “dare-devil” type. Last October 26, I visited EK one more time. This time around, I was with my high school friends. I was not suppose to try the daring rides in the park because I value my life so much. I have dreams, visions, goals, blah, blah. But, blame it all to peer pressure, I was able to expose my dear life to danger and get on the daring rides (which I should say are all worth it) Here are some of them:

Space Shuttle

Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle

Feeling Nervous before the ride.
(c) EK Photo Booth for the 250 PHP picture ( sorry, I have to say this. The picture on the left is worth a dime. ) ; Yeoj Natividad

Space Shuttle is perhaps the most extreme and daring ride in the theme park. So, my friends convinced me to ride this one as a “mood-setter”. True enough, this ride boost my confidence to a higher level for the long day ahead. *winks*

 Wheel of Fate

The Gloomy Weather before riding the Ferris Wheel. (c) Marionne Olaso

The Gloomy Weather before riding the Ferris Wheel.
(c) Marionne Olaso

After the thrilling Space Shuttle ride, Wheel of Fate is next on our list. We felt like we’re on top of the world as the whole park looks tinier on higher altitudes. Although Wheel of Fate seems boring at first, you will get to enjoy it especially if you came from a very extreme ride. This is primarily because of the refreshing and soothing feeling that the cold breeze (from above)  brings to the Ferris Wheel’s riders.

Anchor’s Away

Post Ride Shot (c) Marionne Olaso

Post Ride Shot
(c) Marionne Olaso

Although this is not my first time to ride this one, I still felt butterflies on my stomach as the anchor shoved us back and forth. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy riding this one. A minute of Anchor’s Away ride (for me) feels like one minute of sheer torture.

 Jungle Log Jam

Before and After Shots of our Jungle Log Jam Ride.

Before and After Shots of our Jungle Log Jam Ride.
(c) Marionne Olaso ; Yeoj Natividad

The first time I rode Jungle Log Jam, I sat on the back portion of the log. So, on my second time, I tried seating on the front. It was such a delightful experience. No seat belts, no other apparatus. It was only me, the log and my friends.

Flying Fiesta

Enchanted Kingdom's Flying Fiesta

Flying Fiesta Panning Shot & Post Ride Picture
(c) Marionne Olaso

I love swings! Who wouldn’t like it right when all you have to do is to just seat back on the tiny bar and enjoy the whole ride? So, yes, you could say that I enjoyed my Flying Fiesta ride so much.

Rio Grande Rapids

Enchanted Kingdom's Rio Grande Rapids

Told ya, you’re gonna be wet in Rio Grande! Look at our Before and After shots before the ride.
(c) Racquel Lastimoza

This is a super fun ride! But, I do not suggest it for the hydrophobic creatures out there because you’ll surely get wet in here no matter what. *grins*

P.S. Bring extra clothes ( undergarments included 😉 ) if you want to try Rio Grande.

 EKstreme Tower Ride

Enchanted Kingdom's EKstreme Tower

Feeling Shaky after falling from the tower
(c) Yeoj Natividad

EKstreme Tower Ride is indeed extreme in every sense. It seems decent at first as the circular apparatus crawls above a tower slowly like a worm.  However, once it reaches the peak and falls to the ground, you may have second thoughts about the whole ride as your soul seems stuck somewhere in between afterwards. Actually, I still can’t believe (till now) that my friends were able to convince me to experience this one without brute force. =))


Enchanted Kingdom's Dodgem

Yeoj and Racquel enjoying the whole ride.
(c) Marionne Olaso

This ride should be easy, chicken and effortless. But, that’s not the case especially if your car is surrounded by many other cars who can’t find their way out. And just when you are about to escape from the cars around you, another car will bump yours and BOOM, time’s up and the ride is over. Such an epic fail ride! =)) Actually, of all the rides we tried, this one caused me lots of injuries. I got bruises on my back and legs because of this. It’s as if I indeed had a real-life car accident . 😉


 Enchanted Kingdom's Carousel

Carousel brought us back to memory lane.
(c) Yeoj Natividad; Marionne Olaso

This is our last ride before we go home. It’s really nice to try this Carousel once again (even though we’re already past our teen years). In fact, I can’t help but reminisce my childhood days as the horse moves in a circular motion in the tune of a beautiful waltz music. Ah, seems like a fairy-tale!

Last Group Shot before Going Home.

Last Group Shot before Going Home.

Finally, my Enchanted Kingdom adventure was awesome not only because of the amazing rides in the park but also because of the people I’m with during that day. So for that, I would like to thank Racquel, Marionne, Zym and Yeoj for being such a fun company during our stay in EK. Till next time guys!

As for the students out there who are still enjoying their semester break right now, you can still have fun on your remaining vacation days especially now that Enchanted Kingdom has a treat for all of us. Currently, they have this EK Sembreak Anibersaya promo (which we availed last October 26) wherein students get to pay only 450 PHP for a ride-all-you-can pass (Regular Rate: 600 PHP) until November 17, 2013. Just bring your school ID to avail of the discount.

The Magic Stays With Us.