Confessions of a Certified K-Drama (Kilig Drama Series) Addict

I’ve read somewhere that a K-drama (Korean drama) addict is someone who watches his/her favorite K-drama until the wee hours of night or until his/her eyes can manage.

For many years now (10 years to be exact. XD ) , I must admit I have been a K-drama addict. I can spend hours (or even days if I had to) watching my beloved K-dramas from beginning to its end. And if not for my parents’ scolding, I may have also watched my favorite dramas on school days which of course may be detrimental to my studies. *winks*

Here are some of the Asian Dramas I have watched over the years. I already lost count actually. :D

Here are some of the Asian Dramas I have watched over the years. I already lost count actually. 😀

As you can see above, I have already finished more than fifty Asian drama series. If my memory serves me right, the shortest drama that I have seen so far is that of Yamato Nadeshiko, a J-Drama with 10 episodes. On the other hand, the longest series I had in a decade, (which took me almost 3 days to finish) is that of the 45 episode K-Drama Smile,you.

I know for some, I was just wasting my time finishing these series. But for me, during those times, watching my favorite Asian dramas was an escape to reality. It was a refreshing activity after a very stressful school year or semester. Did I also mention that I’m not into heavy drama series? That’s because I’m more into romcoms. Honestly, it was the hilarious, romantic, touching scenes that makes me go crazy over dramas.

Since this is supposed to be a confession, I must also confess about the fancy dream I got before. Well, not a long time ago, I’ve dreamt of marrying some K-drama looking guy who will ride a bicycle with me, teach me how to ice skate, carry me on his back when I’m drunk and all the things my K-drama heroes have done for their K-drama heroines. Hahaha 😀 And Oh, I also dreamt of having those cute and adorable kids with my hubby.

Such a wishful thinking, isn’t it?  *winks*

So, what happened to the K-drama Addict in Me?

I actually don’t know. Recently, I’ve finished the Korean drama “You Who Came From the Starsand for some reasons, I didn’t feel that giddy (locals here call it “kilig”) feeling on scenes where I was supposed to feel this. 😀 Aside from this, I didn’t make the extra effort to procrastinate all night just to see the series to its end. This is a very unusual thing for me since I’m very used to sleeping at 4 AM when Asian dramas are concerned. What’s even bothering is that I think I have also stopped my fancy illusions about marrying a K-drama looking guy. ;D

For now, I just want an average-looking guy who can support me all the way. In other words, I’m becoming more realistic and practical these days.  (But of course, If fate brings me to the K-drama looking guy who can give me adorable kids, then who I am to go against it, right? ;D 😀 😀 )

The dramaYou Who Came From the Stars” has received a good feedback from its viewers so I’d like to think that the problem really lies in me. Is it because I didn’t felt the chemistry between the protagonists? Or is it because I’ve watched a bunch of series and the scenes were kinda predictable?

Or is it perhaps I am too old for Asian dramas?

Does anyone experience the same thing as I’m going through right now?