Day 1: D&F Biggest Loser Challenge

Last time(April 30th to be exact), my friends and I have agreed that we will have a biggest loser challenge to trim down our waists. I don’t know whether the others are serious about this but I am. So, here’s a run through of my activities for my first day:

Yummy Goodies for a Healthier Lifestyle :))


I’m taking my diet one baby step at a time because reality check says that I can’t instantly remove things that I have been used to (like yummy snacks and desserts for my sweet tooth). So, how am I accomplishing this “one-baby-step-at-a-time” diet? I merely substituted things that I like with much healthier goodies. For instance, instead of taking creamed coffee and biscuits for breakfast and snacks, I decided to ate sliced melons and apples with fresh milk (which I drank only for breakfast.)


Okay, reality check again. I am not the athletic type of person who loves stretching his muscles out. *winks* So, I have to think of other ways to sweat out without doing the typical workout routines. Guess what I did for my first workout in the challenge? I cleaned our toilet! =)) Scrubbing the bathroom’s surfaces for an hour is really toilsome. Plus, I get to stretch my arms and legs while at the same time staying productive inside our home.


Aside from monetary reasons (the biggest loser challenge was some kind of a betting game :p ), I wanted to shed some pounds because it is my long time dream to go to the beach in a very charming two piece attire. Yay! Can’t wait for that. I’ll keep updating about my conquest.