Quick Movie Review: The Trial (John Lloyd Cruz)

Its trailers are all over our televisions, its lead stars are all over ABS-CBN shows — I’m sure most of our Pinoy readers know what I am talking about. I’m referring to Chito Roño’s latest film, The Trial. The Trial features top stars in the industry. Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Sylvia Sanchez and John Lloyd Cruz are some of them to name a few.

The Trial Poster
photo credit: philnews.ph


The Trial’s story concept is not unique at all. If you have watched Forest Gump or Budoy in the past, you’ll know what I mean. But surprisingly, I was not bored watching the film at all. There’s something exceptional about it that will get you hooked to watch it to its end. I also appreciate how the flashbacks and the present time were carefully presented during the movie. It’s very cohesive that you will not be left hanging about the ending. I’d really like to commend the writer and the director of The Trial (Ricky Lee and Chito Roño) for producing such a masterpiece.

Just a little gist:

The story of The Trial  revolves around a 27 year old mentally challenged guy named Roland (John Lloyd Cruz) who allegedly raped his teacher (Jessie Mendiola). How he survived the whole court proceedings is something to look forward here. (I’ll leave the watching part as your assignment. I want to spare you from spoilers.*winks*)


The Trial is composed of powerhouse actors. John Lloyd Cruz, as always showed why he deserved the crown as the box-office king. He acts so naturally that you will be moved with the lines he delivered as a mentally challenged individual. I have no doubts that he will receive an award for his role in this film. The supporting actors and actresses of the movie were as great as the lead character. I appreciate how Richard Gomez and Gretchen Barretto portrayed their roles. I actually cried on many scenes with Gretchen on it because I was so convinced with her acting. Sylvia Sanchez, as expected displayed an excellent performance as John Lloyd’s mother in the film. Vince De Jesus, who played as Roland’s father, actually surprised me. His acting was superb as well that I really enjoyed his character together with the punch lines that came with it. Enrique Gil and Jessie Mendiola also exhibited an outstanding performance when portraying their characters during the movie.

MY RATING: 10/10

I’m giving The Trial a perfect ten. Contrary to what many people perceive, Tagalog movies are not “corny” as they were ages ago. The Trial is one of the new breeds of movies that are worth your dime and your time.

You must definitely watch The Trial on the big screen (It’s R13 though because it tackles some sensitive issues). Oh, let me warn you, the movie is a tearjerker so don’t forget to bring your tissues and handkerchiefs and your shoulder to cry on (if you have one)

Lahat ng Tao may Diperensiya kung Jinudge.




Enchanted Kingdom Rides that Scaredy Cats Must Try in their Lifetime

Hello there! Marj here all the way from Samar! 😀 I’ve been meaning to do this blog post since last Saturday (October 26) but a lot of things happened after that day. So, I was not able to do it.  Thank God, I finally got the opportunity today to blog about my experience in Enchanted Kingdom (EK) with my highschool friends. So, here it is.

Enchanted Kingdom's Facade

All Grins before we enter Enchanted Kingdom
(c) Marionne Olaso; Yeoj Natividad

Okay, just a brief background. I’ve been to EK when I was in grade school (That was my first time there). I was with my parents then and although we had so much fun together, we were not able to enjoy many of the extreme rides in the park since our family is not really the “dare-devil” type. Last October 26, I visited EK one more time. This time around, I was with my high school friends. I was not suppose to try the daring rides in the park because I value my life so much. I have dreams, visions, goals, blah, blah. But, blame it all to peer pressure, I was able to expose my dear life to danger and get on the daring rides (which I should say are all worth it) Here are some of them:

Space Shuttle

Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle

Feeling Nervous before the ride.
(c) EK Photo Booth for the 250 PHP picture ( sorry, I have to say this. The picture on the left is worth a dime. ) ; Yeoj Natividad

Space Shuttle is perhaps the most extreme and daring ride in the theme park. So, my friends convinced me to ride this one as a “mood-setter”. True enough, this ride boost my confidence to a higher level for the long day ahead. *winks*

 Wheel of Fate

The Gloomy Weather before riding the Ferris Wheel. (c) Marionne Olaso

The Gloomy Weather before riding the Ferris Wheel.
(c) Marionne Olaso

After the thrilling Space Shuttle ride, Wheel of Fate is next on our list. We felt like we’re on top of the world as the whole park looks tinier on higher altitudes. Although Wheel of Fate seems boring at first, you will get to enjoy it especially if you came from a very extreme ride. This is primarily because of the refreshing and soothing feeling that the cold breeze (from above)  brings to the Ferris Wheel’s riders.

Anchor’s Away

Post Ride Shot (c) Marionne Olaso

Post Ride Shot
(c) Marionne Olaso

Although this is not my first time to ride this one, I still felt butterflies on my stomach as the anchor shoved us back and forth. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy riding this one. A minute of Anchor’s Away ride (for me) feels like one minute of sheer torture.

 Jungle Log Jam

Before and After Shots of our Jungle Log Jam Ride.

Before and After Shots of our Jungle Log Jam Ride.
(c) Marionne Olaso ; Yeoj Natividad

The first time I rode Jungle Log Jam, I sat on the back portion of the log. So, on my second time, I tried seating on the front. It was such a delightful experience. No seat belts, no other apparatus. It was only me, the log and my friends.

Flying Fiesta

Enchanted Kingdom's Flying Fiesta

Flying Fiesta Panning Shot & Post Ride Picture
(c) Marionne Olaso

I love swings! Who wouldn’t like it right when all you have to do is to just seat back on the tiny bar and enjoy the whole ride? So, yes, you could say that I enjoyed my Flying Fiesta ride so much.

Rio Grande Rapids

Enchanted Kingdom's Rio Grande Rapids

Told ya, you’re gonna be wet in Rio Grande! Look at our Before and After shots before the ride.
(c) Racquel Lastimoza

This is a super fun ride! But, I do not suggest it for the hydrophobic creatures out there because you’ll surely get wet in here no matter what. *grins*

P.S. Bring extra clothes ( undergarments included 😉 ) if you want to try Rio Grande.

 EKstreme Tower Ride

Enchanted Kingdom's EKstreme Tower

Feeling Shaky after falling from the tower
(c) Yeoj Natividad

EKstreme Tower Ride is indeed extreme in every sense. It seems decent at first as the circular apparatus crawls above a tower slowly like a worm.  However, once it reaches the peak and falls to the ground, you may have second thoughts about the whole ride as your soul seems stuck somewhere in between afterwards. Actually, I still can’t believe (till now) that my friends were able to convince me to experience this one without brute force. =))


Enchanted Kingdom's Dodgem

Yeoj and Racquel enjoying the whole ride.
(c) Marionne Olaso

This ride should be easy, chicken and effortless. But, that’s not the case especially if your car is surrounded by many other cars who can’t find their way out. And just when you are about to escape from the cars around you, another car will bump yours and BOOM, time’s up and the ride is over. Such an epic fail ride! =)) Actually, of all the rides we tried, this one caused me lots of injuries. I got bruises on my back and legs because of this. It’s as if I indeed had a real-life car accident . 😉


 Enchanted Kingdom's Carousel

Carousel brought us back to memory lane.
(c) Yeoj Natividad; Marionne Olaso

This is our last ride before we go home. It’s really nice to try this Carousel once again (even though we’re already past our teen years). In fact, I can’t help but reminisce my childhood days as the horse moves in a circular motion in the tune of a beautiful waltz music. Ah, seems like a fairy-tale!

Last Group Shot before Going Home.

Last Group Shot before Going Home.

Finally, my Enchanted Kingdom adventure was awesome not only because of the amazing rides in the park but also because of the people I’m with during that day. So for that, I would like to thank Racquel, Marionne, Zym and Yeoj for being such a fun company during our stay in EK. Till next time guys!

As for the students out there who are still enjoying their semester break right now, you can still have fun on your remaining vacation days especially now that Enchanted Kingdom has a treat for all of us. Currently, they have this EK Sembreak Anibersaya promo (which we availed last October 26) wherein students get to pay only 450 PHP for a ride-all-you-can pass (Regular Rate: 600 PHP) until November 17, 2013. Just bring your school ID to avail of the discount.

The Magic Stays With Us.




Quick Movie Review: She’s the One (Bea Alonzo & Dingdong Dantes)

After waiting for several days, I’ve finally got the chance to watch She’s the one. For the information of everybody, She’s the One is one of the latest chic flicks in the movie scene in the Philippines right now. This Star Cinema produced movie was portrayed to life by Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil. On this post, I will going to give you my insights about the film to guide all the moviegoers out there who are torn whether they will watch this one or not.

She's the One Poster photo credit: wikipedia

She’s the One Poster
photo credit: wikipedia


She’s the One’s story line is great. I think many will be able to relate with the “bestfriends-turned-lovers” relationship of Cath (Bea Alonzo) & Joaquin (Dingdong Dantes) here. Aside from this, “May-December love affair” is also another interesting subject that was addressed in the movie.


The chemistry between Bea and DingDong is  undeniable. Plus, their acting looks so natural that I felt like I was watching a real-life scenario with my own eyes. I would  also like to acknowledge Enrique’s acting here. He has played his role as Cath’s young lover so well that my mom and I couldn’t help but laugh with his “juvenile” courtship strategies. 😀


I’m giving She’s the One an eight out of ten because I didn’t feel so much emotion while watching it (I laughed several times though throughout the film). Maybe, it’s because I haven’t experienced the same thing as the characters did. I really don’t know. But, overall, the movie is great. If you want to watch some feel-god movie amidst your stressful life, then I am recommending you to watch this with your family and friends.




My AirAsia Zest Wish List: My Top 5 Destinations I Want to Go YOLO-ing

YOLO stands for “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”My friends and I usually use this term in our conversations to refer to leisure activities that we cannot miss in our lifetime. So, if you have read my blog post title right, you will expect to see my TOP 5 Destination Picks that I don’t want to miss in my entire lifetime on this post:


Gyeongbokgung Palace and Teddy Bear Museum phto credits: visitkorea.or.kr

Gyeongbokgung Palace and Teddy Bear Museum
photo credits: visitkorea.or.kr

K-Dramas, K-Pop, K-Fashion, K-food—wait, did I mention something “K”? Oh yes, I’m in love with the Korean Culture. The reason why I want to visit Korea is not just because I am interested in their culture. I badly wanted to go there because I want to experience what my favorite K-drama stars went through when shooting their dramas. On that note, I am thinking of these itineraries if I am given a chance to visit “The Land of Morning Calm”:

  1.  I’ll trace the steps of my favorite Korean stars on the sloppy roads of Seoul.
  2. I’ll drink soju in the stalls just like on the dramas.
  3. I’ll go skiing and make a huge snowman just like in Winter Sonata.
  4. I’ll drop by the Teddy Bear Museum.(as featured in Goong) 
  5. I’ll even visit the Gangnam district if I had the opportunity and see if there’s a chaebol prospect for me there. *winks*

So many fun activities cross my mind with just the mere thought of going to South Korea someday. I’ll probably do another post about it next time. :”>


Petronas Tower & Legoland photo credits: www.asianpictures.org ; http://www.legoland.com.my

Petronas Tower & Legoland
photo credits: asianpictures.org ; legoland.com.my/

My fancy for Malaysia started when I’ve seen a Filipino movie entitled “Miss You Like Crazy”  (You see, my whole life is influenced by the movies I watched. *winks*) Anyways, I wanted to go to Malaysia simply because I want to witness it myself if Petronas Towers do really look like  a couple holding each others’ hands as mentioned on the said movie.

Aside from seeing the Petronas Towers with my own eyes, I am also planning to do the following in MY:

  1. I’ll go YOLO-ing in Genting
  2. I’ll return to my childhood in LEGOLAND
  3. I’ll eat at KL Tower


Boracay & Parasailing photo credits: Agoda.com ; my.opera.com

Boracay & Parasailing
photo credits: Agoda.com ; my.opera.com

It was 2004 when I first stepped on the pristine sands of Boracay. It’s already 2013 right now and I’ve heard that many things have changed on that amazing place since my last trip. So, yes, the main reason why I want to return to Bora is this: I  simply want to rediscover the island and the islets around it.

Anyways, if ever I’ll be back on the famous white sand beach, here are some of the things I will do:

  1. I’ll go helmet diving definitely. Oh, how I love the underwaters!
  2. I’ll conquer my fears and try parasailing.
  3. I’ll stay in Station One and see what’s in store for me there. (We stayed at Station Two previously)


Our Parasailing Experience! 🙂

Last May 2014, I had tried Parasailing with my parents and although we did not stay at Station One as I was hoping for, I did enjoy the serenity of the sea at Station Three. I’d also really love to go helmet driving. I just had second thoughts of trying it after reading some post about a nurse taken to the emergency room after doing the activity because of the strong water pressure.



Bohol’s Cable Car; Alona’s beach Panglao ; Chocolate Hills
photo credits (Alona Beach) : wikipedia

Ah Tagbilaran, the gateway to Bohol’s Panglao. I first had a glimpse of this city in 2005. We just recently went back here last summer to treat my grandmother (she died two months after our vacation. May her soul rest in peace). Anyways, I should say that I will never get tired of Bohol. Although some of its facilities have rapidly changed in just a span of 8 years, it’s still beautiful as ever. If II’ll go back there, here are the things I will definitely do:

  1. Swim in Panglao all-day.
  2. Eat at Bohol Bee Farm. (This is a very nice restaurant in Bohol. Great food. I loved their pesto and Bahalina wine)
  3. Zip-line back and forth. (It was my first time to try zip-line last summer so I just opted the one way zip-line and returned to the base using an open cable car.)


River Rafting & Divine Mercy Shrine photo credits: lakwatsero.com ; newsinfo.inquirer.net

River Rafting & Divine Mercy Shrine
photo credits: lakwatsero.com ; newsinfo.inquirer.net

I remember visiting this place with my mom and dad when we went to Camiguin in 2007 or 2008 since the latter do not have its own airport yet at that time. Two days after, we returned to this place and rode a cab to Lanao to see the Majestic Maria Christina Falls. On that same day, we came back to CDO and took a bus to Davao to see Pearl Farm. To cut the story short, we just utilized the town’s transportation facilities to go to our primary destinations. I didn’t have the chance to see what Cagayan De Oro can offer me back then so if I’ll be given another chance, I want to explore this place and go YOLO-ing there.

Here are my plans in Cagayan:

  1. I’ll go River Rafting of course even if I am too nervous for it! (Rio Grande in Enchanted Kingdom is too mainstream.  *winks*)
  2. I’ll visit the huge statue of Divine Mercy on the town
  3. I’ll discover why its is called “The City of Golden Friendship”

YOLO-ing on the top five places I have mentioned used to be close to impossible since airplane rides before were just for the rich and famous. But, lucky us, budget travelers, because airline companies such as Air Asia Zest is there to provide us cheap fares.

AirAsia of Malaysia? Yes! It’s official. Malaysia’s AirAsia and our very own Zest Air have teamed up to give all of us a chance to travel in the Philippines and explore its amazing tourist spots such as those located in Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro. Aside from that, they are also giving Filipinos the opportunity to travel in Asia with Air Asia Zest as the latter is also offering flights to Asia’s most popular cities such as such as Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon at very affordable prices.

 Wee! I’m so excited to go YOLO-ing On my top 5 destinations! For sure, with Air Asia in Manila plus its partnership with Zest Air, I will be able to save money from buying tickets and use my savings instead in my YOLO-ing activities.

 You Only Live Once.




Additional Tips in Linking PayPal with RCBC MyWallet Card

  • Make sure your PayPal email address as well as your RCBC’s matches.
  • Be mindful of the charges imposed by RCBC My Wallet Card. Balance Inquiry for instance costs 1 PHP. If you want to inquire your debit card’s balance for free, I recommend you to enrol your card to RCBCAccessOne Online Banking.
  • PayPal will deduct 100 PHP from your debit card but it will return that fee after the process so better watch out for that and check if there were lapses.
  • In case you want to load your card, you may do so at any RCBC branches (Both Savings and Commercial). Each reloading transaction costs 10 PHP regardless of amount.
  • You may also load your card in accredited LBC branches. They charge 3 PHP per 100 PHP. So, if you are loading your card for 1000 PHP, you need to give them 1030 PHP.
  • Opt for RCBC MyWallet Card with MERCURY DRUG’s SUKI CARD instead of the plain one to maximize the use of your card.

So, there you have it. You can now withdraw your money from Paypal without limits. If you got any questions, key them in on the comment box below or press the heart button (if you see one) on the upper left portion of the page.

Good luck. 😀

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How to Verify your Paypal using RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card?

1. Open a MyWallet Visa Debit Card on the nearest RCBC COMMERCIAL BANK.


  • Make sure you are in RCBC’s commercial bank and NOT on their savings bank.
  • Bring your valid ID as well as its photocopy when applying for the card.
  • Make an initial deposit of 120 Php to your account. It’s the minimum requirement for setting up your card.
  •  DON’T inquire your balance on any ATM (even RCBC’s) because it will deduct 1 Php from you making your balance insufficient for the verification procedures.

IMPORTANT: Tell the person-in-charge to key in your email address on their database.

2.   After getting your card, log in to your PayPal account and click the “GET VERIFIED” link. Enter the necessary details on the online form that will appear on the screen. If PayPal has successfully received your request, you should receive an email like this within 24-48 hours.

 PayPal confirmation email upon linking your debit card

3.   Request for the EXPUSE CODE PayPal has sent to your debit card by sending an email to customercontact@rcbc.com. When sending them a message, indicate the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Card Number
  • Issuing Branch
  • Birthday
  • Mobile Number
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Date you linked your debit card to PayPal

4.   When RCBC gives you your unique 4-digit Expuse Code, log in to your PayPal account once again and click the “VERIFY NOW” link (upper left). After typing the 4-digit code, this should be PayPal’s prompt message:

 PayPal Successful Verification Prompt
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Verifying PayPal Account with a Philippine Debit Card

PayPal is one of the most common platforms for both paying and receiving money online. So, if you are planning to have an online job in the future, set up your PayPal account now and verify it with them.

Why Do I Need to Verify my PayPal Account?

This was also my first question when I got a PayPal account several years ago. You see, I had this online job before where I am paid via this online platform. I did not see the need for PayPal account verification at that time since I earned less than 500 PHP from the said online job. (Note: The minimum amount of money you can transfer to your account is 500 PHP. So, I really had no chance of transferring them to my bank account.) Now, I realized why I should need to verify my account. That’s because if you don’t verify your account, you’ll have withdrawing and sending limits —limits that were set by PayPal to protect their users from unauthorized account access.

What Do You Need to Verify Your Account?

You will need either a debit or a credit card. In my case, I used a debit card instead of my credit card because I am somewhat skeptical in using credit cards online.

What are Accredited Debit Cards in the Philippines for Verifying PayPal?

According to my research, three debit cards in the Philippines can be use to verify your PayPal account. These are Union EON, RCBC MyWallet Visa, and BPI e-Prepaid Master debit cards. After weighing my options, I opted for the RCBC MyWallet Visa Card.

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