Forever 21

For the past 20 years, I have been one lucky girl and I couldn’t thank God enough for letting me live that long to see and experience what it is like to love and be loved in return. I thank Him for sending “angels” to watch over me all these years:

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Why I’m Feeling Blessed on a Wednesday

I’m not the goody-goody type of person. If I am on a movie, I probably play the antagonist role (the type who will get into the nerves of the viewers because of her loathsome actions). *winks*  But, today is different. I feel like I’m a female lead in my own life story (you know, someone who receives all the good things in a film) .

This Wednesday, I have received more than enough blessings that I am so grateful for. I feel the need to share them with you to attract more good vibes for the days to come. These are arranged in no particular order.

1.  I survived two exams without studying so hard.

For students, I am not encouraging you to take exams without studying, okay? This is just for experts. *winks* Kidding aside, I’m just lucky enough yesterday and today that I’ve got by my quizzes in two courses by just barely studying.  I’m really thankful the questions were pretty based on common knowledge.

2. UST won against DLSU

Yes, we beat De Lasalle University today! And I’m very hopeful that we’ll win the UAAP Season 76. Go Uste! Go Teng ❤

3. I Passed the First Set of Examinations for my Second Degree Entrance Exam

This is the highlight of my day.  After my exams last Monday, I was so depressed because there were so many items on the test that I have failed to answer. (I just shaded the circles randomly) But, God is really good. Despite my misfortune that day, He still paves a way for my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) dream. One more exam to go and I’m officially in.

How about you? What are the things you are thankful for today? Care to share them on the comment box?

ciao. ❤



September 21 is no Martial Law. It’s another MarjShallLaw Day.

For most Filipinos, September 21 can be a very grue-some day. Why? That’s because this day marks the beginning of Martial Law in 1972 and a little background of Philippine’s history will tell you that a lot of people literally suffered during those times. Many were detained and killed under the Marcos’s regime. It was only after the People Power Revolution in 1986 that the Filipino community found refuge through the Aquino administration. With that being said, you could say that many really dreaded September 21. Nevertheless, I always feel awesome (and I’m sure my parents are too) whenever this day comes since it’s the day I was born.

You see as people gets older, the way they see birthdays becomes different as well. When I was in six, my birthday means bringing to my classroom some feisty Jollibee meals so that my classmates will get to know it’s my birthday. At twelve, another birthday means one more gadget present. When I reached eighteen, my birthday become a day of liberation (in  a good way of course) and just this Saturday, when I turned 20, my birthday meant just another plain celebration. One that is very ordinary but very meaningful at the same time.

As I turned 20, I am celebrating for the blessings and chances I am receiving everyday. I’m not a good person and yet the best people are around me pushing me hard to be best like them. I have let go of so many things in my life but still, more good things come my way. Should I say more?  I’m definitely blessed!

Ah, I think this is a sign of getting older every year. I get so reflective of the past. Nevertheless, you could say that September 21 became a great day for me because it’s no ordinary Martial Law commemoration but a wonderful and memorable MarjShallLaw celebration.

Cheers to New Beginning!