Volunteer Now for Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operations – Villamor Airbase

It’s over a week now since Visayas has been struck by typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda). Since then, many people who were not devastated by the typhoon are more than willing to help the survivors surpass this tragic event. As of now, three of the most popular and well-advertised organizations in the country include ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, GMA Kapuso and Alagang Kapatid foundations. Well, there’s no problem volunteering in these organizations. However, I think the space there is becoming more limited as many volunteer workers are rushing to these areas.

So, for those who wanted to help but cannot be accommodated in the said groups, you might want to consider doing some volunteer work at Villamor Airbase Gym in Pasay City.

On Going Relief Operations at Villamor Airbase.

On Going Relief Operations at Villamor Airbase.
(c) Daisy Banaag

How Can You Help?

You can help in many ways. For one, you can gather the goods into one plastic bag. Normally, a bag will include a combination of noodles, canned goods and rice. Aside from this, you can also help move the packed goodies to the trucks. On that note, the team needs now people who are knowledgeable in logistics and stuffs like that. There are still other ways which you can be useful in the relief operations there. Just attend the briefing to find out what will work for you.

A Dutch lady from Holland helps in relief operation

A Dutch lady from Holland helps in relief operation
(c) Ivy Santos

Finally, there’s no limit when it comes to reaching out to other people. If you are someone who can sleep comfortably at night and can eat three to five times a day, here is the chance for you to show how grateful you are. Even foreigners that are just here in our country for a vacation are there to help us out. So, what are you waiting for? Volunteer now and help Visayas rebuild what Typhoon Yolanda has ruined.


Don’t go to Villamor Airbase right away without informing them before hand. That way, you will know what schedule will suit you the best. Based on my observation, the team there now mostly need volunteers from 8 PM onwards since these are the times where there are less volunteers in the area.

Oh and by the way, I would also like to acknowledge the effort of our Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP) in the on-going relief operations. After seeing how they get involved in the whole relief-packing process, I came to realize that our AFP is not just there during times of war. We can count on them too even in our country’s trying times. Kudos to you sir and ma’am! Thank you so much.

Count your blessings.




Nail Talk: What can You Do About Keratin Granulations?

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and probably some men out there), do you feel an aching sensation on your toe nails per se (ingrown pains aside)? or Do you see white spots or patches on them? If you do, then you might be suffering a condition known as keratin granulation.

I am quite embarrassed to post a picture of my own toenails so I’ll just use an image from medscape.com to describe how Keratin Granulation looks like.  (My toenails looks somewhere in between this photo before I had it treated)

This is how Keratin Granulation looks like. Photo from medscape.com

This is how Keratin Granulation looks like. Photo from medscape.com

In layman terms, keratin granulation is the product of the dehydration of our nails. This condition is often caused by prolonged exposure to nail polish (I’m so guilty about this) and other substances that may deprive the necessary moisture on our nails.

As of now, my nails look healthy as ever after doing some home remedies in two days.

Here’s what I did to bring back the moisture it needed:

  • I removed the nail polish on my toenails and allowed the latter to rest and breathe freely from the nail polish’s chemicals. To be honest, I’m thinking of limiting my usage of nail polishes on a regular basis.
  • I washed my feet with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before going to bed and after taking a bath. You may also use an old toothbrush to scrub off the dirt on your nails.
  • After cleaning my feet, I applied a moisturizing agent on my toenails. For this step, I used Jergens Ultra-healing lotion since this product is what we utilize in our household.

Nails can be the slightest and most trivial part of our body but don’t take them for granted. A single toenail pain can keep you from doing activities you enjoy the most. Remember, our nails form a part of two of our important body parts, our hands and our feet. So, whatever happens to them, it will definitely affect your totality one way or another.


I’m not a dermatologist or a nail expert. I don’t claim to be such people so if you observe that the condition of your toenails didn’t had much improvement after doing the simple remedies I stated above, I suggest you consult a medical practitioner. I’ve heard of a fungal nail condition that has similar symptoms as nail granulation. But, that’s a different story of course.

Take care of your nails!





Additional Tips in Linking PayPal with RCBC MyWallet Card

  • Make sure your PayPal email address as well as your RCBC’s matches.
  • Be mindful of the charges imposed by RCBC My Wallet Card. Balance Inquiry for instance costs 1 PHP. If you want to inquire your debit card’s balance for free, I recommend you to enrol your card to RCBCAccessOne Online Banking.
  • PayPal will deduct 100 PHP from your debit card but it will return that fee after the process so better watch out for that and check if there were lapses.
  • In case you want to load your card, you may do so at any RCBC branches (Both Savings and Commercial). Each reloading transaction costs 10 PHP regardless of amount.
  • You may also load your card in accredited LBC branches. They charge 3 PHP per 100 PHP. So, if you are loading your card for 1000 PHP, you need to give them 1030 PHP.
  • Opt for RCBC MyWallet Card with MERCURY DRUG’s SUKI CARD instead of the plain one to maximize the use of your card.

So, there you have it. You can now withdraw your money from Paypal without limits. If you got any questions, key them in on the comment box below or press the heart button (if you see one) on the upper left portion of the page.

Good luck. 😀

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How to Verify your Paypal using RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card?

1. Open a MyWallet Visa Debit Card on the nearest RCBC COMMERCIAL BANK.


  • Make sure you are in RCBC’s commercial bank and NOT on their savings bank.
  • Bring your valid ID as well as its photocopy when applying for the card.
  • Make an initial deposit of 120 Php to your account. It’s the minimum requirement for setting up your card.
  •  DON’T inquire your balance on any ATM (even RCBC’s) because it will deduct 1 Php from you making your balance insufficient for the verification procedures.

IMPORTANT: Tell the person-in-charge to key in your email address on their database.

2.   After getting your card, log in to your PayPal account and click the “GET VERIFIED” link. Enter the necessary details on the online form that will appear on the screen. If PayPal has successfully received your request, you should receive an email like this within 24-48 hours.

 PayPal confirmation email upon linking your debit card

3.   Request for the EXPUSE CODE PayPal has sent to your debit card by sending an email to customercontact@rcbc.com. When sending them a message, indicate the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Card Number
  • Issuing Branch
  • Birthday
  • Mobile Number
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Date you linked your debit card to PayPal

4.   When RCBC gives you your unique 4-digit Expuse Code, log in to your PayPal account once again and click the “VERIFY NOW” link (upper left). After typing the 4-digit code, this should be PayPal’s prompt message:

 PayPal Successful Verification Prompt
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