Our New Online Tote Bags Shop for Working Girls in Instragram

What makes you busy? Is it your work, family, studies, career or love life? As for me, it’s all of the above (except for the love life part. *grins*). As I am nearing the big day (May 2015 Board Exams), I figured that I would not be able to commit in my money-making escapades aka online jobs. So, I already quit some of them. Right now, I am only accepting freelance projects such as press releases and write-ups. My latest project was that of an ice ball molds company. Anyway, projects like this rarely come up so my extra income is a bit limited. Hence, I decided to establish my own business online where I can earn my passive income while preparing for the big day.

Penny for a Tote IG Account: @penny4totes

Penny for a Tote IG Account: @penny4totes

Living across the bag and shoe capital of the Philippines (Marikina City) and having some relatives operating a bag and shoe supply business in the city, I have realized the potential of selling high quality bags at a cheaper cost online. Because of this realization, Penny for a Tote, our new tote bags shop was born on Instagram last June. Well, if you are a familiar with the old song A Penny for your Thoughts, that is where I got our shop’s name.

One of my Personal Favorites <3

One of my Personal Favorites ❤

Penny for a Tote mainly caters to working girls around the country that are always on the go. Because of this, we focused on selling high quality tote bags that can accommodate more stuff that smaller satchels or sling bags cannot do. Laptops, notebooks, folders—they can all fit in inside our 12x18x7 tote bags. Don’t just overdo it as everything has its limitations. *winks*

Purple + Stripes= WONDERFUL

Purple + Stripes= WONDERFUL

Aside from being high quality (Marikina Made bags are!), unique and work savvy, the bags that we are selling at Penny for a Tote were equivalent to one third of what branded bags offer to its customers. So, that’s like buying three bags for a price of one. Well, why should you buy your bags at extravagant costs when you can have it for less and cheaper prices, right?

The Color of this tote is love. It's very pleasing to the eyes, isn't it?

The Color of this tote is love. It’s very pleasing to the eyes, isn’t it?

I know. I know. I know. I somehow suck at promoting our own shop. *giggles* But, who cares? Perhaps, a product that sells itself need not so much advertising.

Follow @penny4totes on Instagram and check out our bags yourself to see what I am talking about.

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Verifying PayPal Account with a Philippine Debit Card

PayPal is one of the most common platforms for both paying and receiving money online. So, if you are planning to have an online job in the future, set up your PayPal account now and verify it with them.

Why Do I Need to Verify my PayPal Account?

This was also my first question when I got a PayPal account several years ago. You see, I had this online job before where I am paid via this online platform. I did not see the need for PayPal account verification at that time since I earned less than 500 PHP from the said online job. (Note: The minimum amount of money you can transfer to your account is 500 PHP. So, I really had no chance of transferring them to my bank account.) Now, I realized why I should need to verify my account. That’s because if you don’t verify your account, you’ll have withdrawing and sending limits —limits that were set by PayPal to protect their users from unauthorized account access.

What Do You Need to Verify Your Account?

You will need either a debit or a credit card. In my case, I used a debit card instead of my credit card because I am somewhat skeptical in using credit cards online.

What are Accredited Debit Cards in the Philippines for Verifying PayPal?

According to my research, three debit cards in the Philippines can be use to verify your PayPal account. These are Union EON, RCBC MyWallet Visa, and BPI e-Prepaid Master debit cards. After weighing my options, I opted for the RCBC MyWallet Visa Card.

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Reviews about ONLINEJOBS.PH

I promised myself that if I ever got paid through this online platform, I will definitely make a good review about it. So, here it is.

Two weeks ago, I was quite desperate on looking for online jobs that will not be burden-some for students like me. I’ve heard loads of stuff about being virtual assistants or VAs so I tried searching for those kind of jobs in google. Luckily, I stumbled on a site called onlinejobs.ph.

onlinejobs.ph home page

Upon signing up for an account and completing all the necessary tests (Yes, you need to take some basic tests to increase your chances of getting hired), an Australian company contacted me to do some online task for them which basically involves some writing and uploading tasks.  I was fortunate enough because my employer is quite patient with me because I must admit even though I’m into content writing for some time now, there are still many things about it that I don’t know yet.

So, you might be asking, is onlinejobs.ph legitimate? Yes, definitely. Here’s a snippet of my payment via paypal.

Proof of Payment

NOTE: I covered the name of my employer’s name with a purple ink for the sake of his privacy. These are my income for 10+ hours of work per week. Not so bad if you are doing some simple and basic tasks, right?

Oh and by the way, before I forget, onlinejobs.ph serves only as some sort of a mediator between Filipinos and foreign companies. So, the modes of payment, communications, monitoring software, etc. are independent of the site. These things will highly rely on the preferences of your employers. More often than not, this is the scenario: You’ll get to communicate with your employers via skype; You’ll get paid through paypal; and Be supervised through basecamp and worksnaps software. In my case, we are using worksnaps to track the time I’ve spent in doing my job.

Additional Tips:

  •  Don’t be lazy in rating your skills upon signing up. This way, your employers will get to assess if you are qualified for the job.
  • Be honest in rating your self. Don’t put 4 stars if you are not the best at it. Remember, it’s alright to admit that there are things you don’t know rather than showing off. Anyway, your employers will eventually know whether you are lying or not.
  • Take onlinejobs.ph tests and post the results to your profile. Don’t worry these are just basic tests that involves IQ, English and a little bit of psychological exams.
  • Upload a government issued identification card and link your profile to your Facebook account to get high ID trust ratings.
  • Don’t apply to jobs you cannot be committed with. Usually, a job at onlinejobs.ph indicates a required time allotment per week. If you think you can do the job, then go for it. But, if not, just give them to more deserving applicants.

So, that’s it. If you have other suggested sites where we can earn money to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, please put them on the comment box.

Good luck for finding your online job.


Not an employee? Are you seeking for the best Filipino VAs for your company? End your search now by posting job ads at  onlinejobs.ph 




Writing for Essays.ph

If you are a writer-by heart who wants to earn and learn at the same time, join essays.ph (EPH) now and you’ll see, you’d be able to hit two birds with only one stone. Still not convinced? Let me mention the perks that I actually experienced here during my one year stay.

Earn at the Comfort of Your Home.

A set that contains 2500 words normally pays 300 PHP. I know some of you (especially the pros) would say that this is a bit lower compared to what others offer. I think the otherwise. I feel that this is just an incentive. Anyway, we are being paid while doing what we want the way we like it. Also, the 300 PHP rate is subject to increase if you have provided an exemplary performance later on.

I also want to add that writers at Essay.ph receive their compensations through internet banking. Mind you, they pay on time and hassle-free.

Write about Tons of Topics

My first assignment was all about hearing aids. I swear, it took me forever to finish that set. I even had a revision notice afterwards. Despite this, I learned so much about hearing aids. From that moment, I decided to widen my knowledge on all things by claiming sets with topics that I am not really familiar with. Roofing felts, Sliding doors, golf clubs, Pickup Artists are some of the topics that I’m barely familiar with but made me feel like I’m a genius for knowing more about them afterwards.

Push Your Self Harder

Honestly, the reason why I failed on my first assignment is because I clicked on the “Quick Start” Button. Clicking on this thing meant that you are letting the system choose random assignments for you. If you finish them on time, you’ll earn a GC or grace credit. GCs allow you to extend your time limit by additional 24 hours. But, for those who love challenges and taking risks, quick start will give you what you wanted.

Aside from quick start, writers from EPH are able to develop their writing skills through the grades and remarks given by the editors upon submitting a set. I think most of EPH writers would also agree that we always give our sets our best shots just to avoid the deadly revision request. After all, no one wants to feel rejected.

Gain New Friends

In EPH, we don’t just write. We also have fun. What I like about EPH is that it sets events and contests that allow its writers to show their exceptional talents (writing skills aside). The scavenger hunt held last December is one of the most-unforgettable events for me. Actually, I had to go to SM Megamall Cinema 10 and hold a placard which says that “The World Ends in December 31, 2012 11:59 PM” for this. Thank god, my girl pals are very supportive of me. 😀

I am writing all of this based on my personal experience and as a way of thanking the EPH community for the person or rather the writer I’ve become. As of the moment, I am already one year and four months with the company. So far, I am enjoying my whole ride. Want to experience the same perks? Go to  http://www.essays.ph for more details.




10 Must-Watch Romantic Asian Movies

I am such a sucker for Asian romantic films so when boredom hits me, I usually grab my laptop and watch some feel-good movies. Here are my top 10 personal picks so far:

NOTE: This is arranged in no particular order

1. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (Korean)


It was 2005 when I first watched “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant”. That time I instantly fell in love with this movie. My, the chemistry between the two lead characters is  simply undeniable. 😀 8 years later, I viewed this film one more time. To my surprise, I felt like I was watching the whole thing for the first time. I was never bored all throughout even though I’ve seen the scenes before. In fact, I still get excited about them and laugh out loud with the movie’s punchlines as if I’m watching it for the first time.

TRIVIA: If you are familiar with Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden,  she is the lead female character here.

2. Hello Stranger (Thai)


This movie is also good. This one’s filled with hilarious and romantic scenes  that will keep you entertained till the end. If you are a Asian Dramas fan girl like me, you’ll enjoy this. I was even encouraged to travel  alone to Korea someday after seeing this movie. Who knows? I might find my destiny there too just like the female lead. *wishful thinking*

3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai)


This is such a feel-good high schooler  movie. At first, I am quite hesitant to watch it because of Nam’s appearance. (Well, she looks like a real loser at first. hehe. ) But as I go through the film, I realized that the movie is quite good. Plus, I didn’t expect the latter part of the film.

4. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (Thai)


My friend recommended this film to me and I am thankful that she did because Bangkok Traffic Love Story is simply amazing. It presents a different plot with interesting scenes. Actually, until now, I am still wondering whether this kind of love story can actually exist or not in real life.

5.  ATM Error (Thai)


ATM Error is more of a comedy rather than a romantic film. If you want to laugh out loud then you must not miss this. *winks*

6. My Boyfriend is Type B (Korean)


This one’s for the hopeless romantic types. It reminds the HRs out there (well, I am not an exception to this) that we should not always live up to our “ideals” because if we do, we might just get disappointed in the end. Instead, we should learn to accept the flaws of our other halves to sustain our relationships with them.

TRIVIA: The two main characters here became real-life couples  for three years. They are also the protagonists in the Kdrama, Sweet 18.

7. Chilling Romance (Korean)


Chilling Romance is something unusual. It presents romance amidst a horror story. I was actually quite terrified in the beginning. *winks* You just have to ignore the horror scenes and you’ll definitely have a good time watching this one.

8. My Little Bride (Korean)


Another feel-good movie, My Little Bride depicts the story of an arranged marriage between childhood friends. How the lead characters eventually realized their feelings is something to look forward here.

9. He was Cool (Korean)


I actually watched this because of curiosity. (I heard that the female protagonist who was also the female lead in Attic Cat here killed herself in 2007) Good thing, I followed my curiosity because I really had fun watching this.

10. A Very Special Love 3 Part Installment Series (Filipino)


I love John Lloyd Cruz’s movies but I am not being biased when I say that these three part installment movies are absolutely good! I wish there are English-subbed versions of these movies so that it will also be appreciated by our foreign friends.

How about you? Do you have another set of must-watch Asian romantic movies list? Care to share it to me on the comments section? I’d appreciate it if you also recommend me Taiwanese or Japanese movies.