Our New Online Tote Bags Shop for Working Girls in Instragram

What makes you busy? Is it your work, family, studies, career or love life? As for me, it’s all of the above (except for the love life part. *grins*). As I am nearing the big day (May 2015 Board Exams), I figured that I would not be able to commit in my money-making escapades aka online jobs. So, I already quit some of them. Right now, I am only accepting freelance projects such as press releases and write-ups. My latest project was that of an ice ball molds company. Anyway, projects like this rarely come up so my extra income is a bit limited. Hence, I decided to establish my own business online where I can earn my passive income while preparing for the big day.

Penny for a Tote IG Account: @penny4totes

Penny for a Tote IG Account: @penny4totes

Living across the bag and shoe capital of the Philippines (Marikina City) and having some relatives operating a bag and shoe supply business in the city, I have realized the potential of selling high quality bags at a cheaper cost online. Because of this realization, Penny for a Tote, our new tote bags shop was born on Instagram last June. Well, if you are a familiar with the old song A Penny for your Thoughts, that is where I got our shop’s name.

One of my Personal Favorites <3

One of my Personal Favorites ❤

Penny for a Tote mainly caters to working girls around the country that are always on the go. Because of this, we focused on selling high quality tote bags that can accommodate more stuff that smaller satchels or sling bags cannot do. Laptops, notebooks, folders—they can all fit in inside our 12x18x7 tote bags. Don’t just overdo it as everything has its limitations. *winks*

Purple + Stripes= WONDERFUL

Purple + Stripes= WONDERFUL

Aside from being high quality (Marikina Made bags are!), unique and work savvy, the bags that we are selling at Penny for a Tote were equivalent to one third of what branded bags offer to its customers. So, that’s like buying three bags for a price of one. Well, why should you buy your bags at extravagant costs when you can have it for less and cheaper prices, right?

The Color of this tote is love. It's very pleasing to the eyes, isn't it?

The Color of this tote is love. It’s very pleasing to the eyes, isn’t it?

I know. I know. I know. I somehow suck at promoting our own shop. *giggles* But, who cares? Perhaps, a product that sells itself need not so much advertising.

Follow @penny4totes on Instagram and check out our bags yourself to see what I am talking about.

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