The Girl I Once Knew

The Girl I Once Knew

I know some honest missy

She tells what she sees

She says as she pleases

She blurts out things

She sets aside feelings


She’s prude. She’s rude.

That’s what everyone said.

She’s often misunderstood

But, she would rather look bad

Than to be some cunning stud


Now, this girl is in trouble

She’s nearing to a downfall

She’s hoping for a kind soul

But no one showed up

So she ended up going solo


The girl could only cry in silence

Keep to herself her sentiments

She felt so much disappointment

Yes, she‘s with a bunch

How come she can’t feel so much?


So, the girl tried to mingle

She jived into their jingle

She was not alone anymore

She should not ask for more

So, why she still felt miserable?


The girl is blunt no more

She used to be extrovert

Now, she became an introvert

She also lies more often too

I barely see now the girl I once knew

Okay, I know I should not be writing a poem now that everyone’s trying to work their butts off just to survive this semester. But, I really had to. Otherwise, I will not be able to do the things I had to do.

God bless us on our exams.